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Test Format:

PTE Academic is the most common version of the test, and it consists of three main sections:

  1. Speaking and Writing: This section evaluates your speaking and writing skills. Tasks include reading aloud, repeating sentences, describing images, and writing essays based on prompts.

  2. Reading: This section assesses your reading comprehension skills. You’ll encounter various question types, such as multiple-choice, re-order paragraphs, and fill in the blanks.

  3. Listening: In this section, your listening skills are tested. You’ll listen to audio recordings and respond to questions about them. Tasks include summarizing spoken text, multiple-choice questions, and fill in the blanks.


PTE scores are reported on a scale from 10 to 90. The scores are broken down into bands, each representing a level of English proficiency. Here’s a general breakdown of the score bands:

  • 10-30: Minimal English proficiency
  • 36-51: Limited English proficiency
  • 54-67: Competent English proficiency
  • 73-86: Proficient English proficiency
  • 90: Expert English proficiency

Each institution or organization sets its own minimum score requirements for admission or other purposes. For example, universities might require a specific score for admission, and immigration authorities might have score requirements for visa applications.

Advantages of PTE:

  1. Quick Results: PTE typically provides results within a few days, making it a fast option for those with tight deadlines.

  2. Computer-Based: The entire test is conducted on a computer, which ensures consistency and eliminates concerns about handwriting.

  3. Integrated Skills: The test assesses your skills in an integrated manner, similar to real-life communication situations.

  4. Fair Scoring: PTE’s automated scoring system is designed to minimize bias and provide consistent results.

  5. Flexible Test Dates: PTE offers a range of test dates, allowing you to choose a time that suits your schedule.

  6. Secure and Reliable: PTE’s test centers and procedures are designed to ensure a secure and reliable testing environment.


Preparation for PTE involves practicing the different question types, improving your time management skills, and becoming familiar with the test format. There are numerous online resources, practice tests, and study materials available to help you prepare effectively.


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