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A cordial welcome in Meridian Family, It’s matter of pride that you trusted on us for your child’s future.

We all are aware of current developments and changes in education system taking place and accordingly we are bringing some modifications in our system also, at the same time we want you to be updated about our system.

With the current decision of Gujarat education board of doing away with semester system is one of the biggest development after implementation of NEET for Biology group and inception of GUJCET for maths group students.

we can understand these changes with following points

  1. Now Semester – 1& 2 will be considered as 11th Std. and Sem-1 text book will be part one and semester – 2 text book will be part -2 text book
  2. There will be two sessional exams (September and January) at school level, i.e. syllabus, question paper and checking will be at school level only. And there will be one final exam of whole syllabus in April, again at school level.
  3. Similarly 12th std also there will be only one subjective board exam in March.
  4. For Gujcet (engineering ) Pharmacy, paramedical and other courses except MBBS and BDS, 12th Board marks will be considered partially or completely (minimum expected weightage 60%) but for MBBS and BDS merit will be entirely based on NEET marks
  5. 5. Although NEET is central examination at pan India level but there will be separate merit list for State Board students for 85% seats in All Gujarat state medical colleges i.e. students are appearing for national exam for a state merit within Gujarat state – (For CBSE clarity related to prorata will be by the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017)
  6. For Maths group students, GUJCET, not JEE, will be there. That means for any state engineering college except NIT Surat, student has to get good rank in GUJCET only. For example if student seeks admission in M.S.U Baroda for engineering than state rank for GUJCET will be considered and even top most rank in JEE is not useful.

But at the same time, we have seen 3 – 4 major changes in education system in past 10 years like – inception of Gujcet in 2006 along with change of syllabus, then introduction of semester syllabus and JEE in 2011 then these current changes, but we never observed that some deserving candidate lost MEDICINE/ENGINEERING due to system changes. those who work-hard achieve goal for sure.
Positively, Keeping these changes in mind we are bringing changes in our time line for course completion and teaching

  1. We shall start classes for Semester-2 (now part II – 11th) right after completing the current semester syllabus in month of September 2nd week.
  2. We shall complete our whole 11th std. syllabus along with NEET/JEE preparations of 11th std. topics, by the end of January 2017 so that in February and March we can revise everything for 11th std. as per subjective exam.
  3. Along with revision classes and test for 11th std in February and March-2017, weekly there will be two classes per subject for 12th Std.
  4. Right after the 11th Annual exams in school, we shall start 12th std classes in 2nd week of April 2017 for one month, followed by which there will be 15 days summer vacations.
  5. Then again starting from June 2017 1st week we shall complete our 12th std syllabus by 30th November 2017 along with NEET/JEE preparations.
  6. 11. Although currently we are taking all the topics of 11th std at Competitive exam level only but an extensive revision is required along with 12th also, so through out 12th std. we will be conducting NEET/JEE revision classes for 11th std topics in all three subjects.

Test patterns and Dates

Right now we are focusing on chapter wise subjective and MCQ test for individual subject

Biology and Chemistry test on alternate Sundays

Physics test – Every Sunday
In Biology and Chemistry weekly class tests will be conducted with in class itself.And towards month of August there will be combined test for all three subjects on NEET/JEE pattern with negative marking, along with the current test pattern

NOTE: – Test dates, time and working time line has been attached with the letter kindly refer and keep it in record for further reference.

Please take a note of it that 11th Board exam pressure has been reduced by education board so that this one year can be used for preparing a strong foundation for any competitive exam. Please do not take this duration lightly. More extensive studies are required for current year, keeping this thing in mind we are following national exam syllabus, keeping the base of our State board syllabus i.e. we are covering NCERT and GSEB syllabus simultaneously with each topic though our printed notes and class notes.Further its student’s choice to refer NCERT text book or not. Hence we are covering all the topics as per the requirement of school exams and all competitive exams.

We are committed to deliver our best with our MANTRA – “Your success is our passion.”

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