Welcome To Meridian Institute

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce you to MERIDIAN INSTITUTE and to offer you vision of our Institution.We started this institution as a humble education centre to provide the quality education to students of VADODARA and achieve their dreams.Over the years with same basic values and vision we have strengthen ourselves as leading educational institute for competitive and board exams.

Team of MERIDIAN” through perseverance and innovative way of teaching, has always given best guidance to students, Our holistic teaching methodology coupled with quality class room delivery and a team of unparallel faculty members make learning a great experience here.

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A learning community dedicated to building respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners.

Expert Faculty
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Student Saticefaction


“I am very grateful to my teachers. They are the once without them I could not identify myself. Here at Meridian Institute the faculties are very experienced. They taught me not only the subject deeply, but also taught how to learn ourselves”

Vraj Dave For Rachna Mam

“Meridian Institute contributed a lot in my success. Teacher present in the institutes are very helpful and they teach the whole syllabus in easy way. They personally take care of every students. Competitive environment helps the students to improve.”

Shivam Bhatt For Amit Sir & Rachna Mam

“There were three main supports behind my huge success “1) My teachers 2) My family members 3) My faith in GOD. I had never expected this growth. Maybe I had never paid attention to my result and studied to improve result.”

Niti Gandhi For Amit Sir & Rachna Mam

“I expressed my sincere and profound gratitude to the teachers & management for whole hearted support during my tenure as student in Meridian Institute.”

Aditi Thesiya For Amit Sir & Rachna Mam

“I’ve taken other classes and this one was by far the most helpful and most practical. My understanding & skills have improved dramatically over the last month.”

Upasana Mundra For Amit Sir & Rachna Mam

“Great Institute. I learned a lot about the competitive exam and changed my study pattern accordingly.”

Jaap Anjaria For Amit Sir

“It is very well organized as an institution, and the courses are well focused.”

Pooja Panchal For Rachna Mam & Amit Sir

“I thought the course was well designed with relevant course modules and information. My teacher’s comments were helpful and encouraging.”

Neel Panchal For Rachna Mam

“I started the most important part of school career as an ordinary student, but when I joined Meridian Institute, I transformed. I started to become a better student every day I came here. The whole credit undoubtedly goes to Meridian Institute.”

Rocelyl For Rachna Mam

“I enjoyed coming to MI every day. I learned a lot and it was a great experience that will help me be more successful in future.”

Sneha Frances For Hirav Sir

“I really felt welcomed and supported. I really enjoyed my time in Meridian Institute. The atmosphere was loving and encouraging. “

Meet Gandhi For Hirav Sir

“The Institute was energizing, it was a learning experience and it was good to meet other teachers involved in what you do.”

Siddhi Purohit For Hirav Sir

“When I discovered the world of coaching I enrolled in Meridian Institute and began my journey and changed my attitude towards study.”

Nirmit For Hirav Sir

“I came here with zero confidence to this academy but now studying with full of confidence. The credit goes to our faculty, she taught us well.”

Rishik For Hirav Sir

-I have studied under her kind guidance and expertise in biology subject. She is very polite and soft spoken. She takes deep interest in students for their upgradation. Thank you mam for playing a vital role in shaping my future.


-She is one of the best teachers I have come across. From the guidance on how to study to what to do in future, she has given me all. She always motivated us to maximize our potential.


Learning biology from her was a different experience altogether. The notes she gave, the lectures, the presentations, all were so elaborately prepared. That’s what helped me a lot and grew my interest for this subject. Always a pleasure getting knowledge from her.

Saptak mankad FOR RACHNA MADAM

She is a true friend, philosopher and guide. Her diagrams and flow charts are really helpful in understanding the whole topic. She always encourages to perform better and better. You inspired me to find my goal, and made me capable of realizing it. Thank you ma’am.


Thanks mam to show me the way, to make me believe in myself and to lift up my spirit. You have been a good teacher, an inspirer and kind hearted person. Thank you rachna mam.

Rohan bajaria FOR RACHNA MADAM

You have been an inspiration for me. You have cultivated the love for biology in me to such an extent that now I am ready to pursue it throughout my life. Going to miss your classes a lot. Thank you for being there always


Mam u r too sweet n I have found a friend and a perfect guide in form of u. you praised me even punished me when I was wrong you have always been fair. Whenever I needed you have always been there.


The only word to describe her “QUEEN of Biology”. A combination of a sweet best friend and a best teacher. As a friend always supporting in every way … in studies and also in life problems, and as a teacher always showing us the right path. Always a sweet smile on the face which makes us completely blend with the subject and interested learning with fun us her master stroke !


Simple, sober and mamerly figure, anytime, anywhere, most down to earth thus favourite of all.


Gives funny example to make boring topic more interesting, his notes helped me a lot and made complicated subject easier.


He believes in perfection at teaching. With his hardworking, great knowledge and amazing teaching skills, amit sir makes chemistry look very easy.


What I admire about him is that he motivates students in his own way. His desire to expand our knowledge horizon is amazing. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to teaching and preparing me for my exams.


He is always booming with energy while teaching. Solving his tests were always a task. Guiding us in our path, is what he does best. He always challenged us with brain tickling classroom examples. I enjoyed his guidance and learning from him.

Saptak mankad FOR AMIT SIR

He simplifies the topics and helps us clear all the concepts. With his guidance, seemingly difficult things became easy. You didn’t just teach, you mentored. Thank you sir.

Prachi C Patel FOR AMIT SIR

Thank you amit sir for teaching us so enthusiasticly and being a source of inspiration.We all are pleased to have a kind and noble teacher like you.

Rohan bajaria FOR AMIT SIR

You were the one who made the subject too easy to grasp for me. All those tactics for organic equations, the inorganic, the doubt classes and of course the “Rest we will discuss in next class……” Shall miss them all. Shall surely stay in touch.


Amit sir is truly the other name of “King of chemistry”. His teaching can make anyone crazy for chemistry…………….! The concept is made so crystal clear that the depth of the topic is understood in 1 go…! Ever ready to solve each and every problem no matter how small it is ….! Always makes tym for every student…. And of course always with a sweet smile saying “Rest we will discuss in next classs”.


Even through a were a strict teacher I known that I have learned more from your class than any other class I have had. No book can give us that much information which ur lecture gave.


Got to learn new things in every class and always ready to solve any of our doubts. Thanks sir for year guidance and support to achieve our goals.

Dhwani Ambore FOR AMIT SIR

Amit sir is one of the enthusiastic teachers. I Have ever found. He always made us believe about frequent revision and building concepts.His strategy of making charts and smart work made us even in MCQ’s as well as theory marks.He always proved to be a catalyst for us without any temperature and pressure.

Lalit Ashtaputre FOR AMIT SIR

I don’t actually have voids to describe this journey of 2 yrs. How well the coaching was and the fun we had. The style of teaching will surely be missed.


All I learnt from him is ‘KEEP IT SIMPLE” strict during class kind and fun loving in the chamber.

Varun M Patel FOR AMIT SIR